How to get sponsored travel as a travel blogger

Lots of people would like to know this, so here’s what I’ve learned myself on the subject.

If you collaborate with businesses and exchange services, lots of companies will give you complimentary passes/tickets/overnight stays in exchange for press.

Or at the very least, discounted rates.

For example, and describe on their website how they provide press support to travel bloggers and journalists. If you google “travel bloggers” and “all opinions are my own” you will find more companies who have worked with travel bloggers before.

You have to present yourself from a unique selling point in your proposal, which basically is saying how your business can help the other business.

Then, you look up the companies website, and find the PR or Marketing contact.

Write an email that goes something like this:

Dear Mr./Ms. XY,

I am traveling around the world as a travel blogger. I am documenting my experiences on my website/blog,
I will be sharing my travel experiences to others through photos, articles, and possibly also short video clips.
Would your company would be interested in giving a discounted rate for my upcoming stay in exchange for press in an article review plus photos on my site?
Thank you in advance for your consideration!
Kind regards,
Steph Stewart
Wait for the response, and if they write back, that’s wonderful. If not, keep trying. There are lots of companies out there, and plenty of the ones already in the tourism/hospitality industry would be willing to work with you if you can provide value to them in return. Just be confident you have power to influence!

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