Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia is a small island province off the coast of the western Malaysian peninsula. It is also known as Georgetown. Penang is connected to Malaysia by a bridge, although you can also fly directly into Penang.

There are beautiful beaches in Penang, as well botanical gardens with rainforest flora and fauna. The food is often eaten in open-air seating areas, but there are indoor restaurants as well. Because of the diversity, you can eat Thai food, Malaysian food, Indian food, Chinese food, and most well-known international big-chain fast food dishes.

One thing to note about Penang, is the heat. Malaysia is located very near the Equator, so the temperature is in the 80s – 100s Farenheit year-round. Be prepared for muggy, sweltering days and bring something for mosquito bites. Malaysians sleep with mosquito nets around their beds for this reason.

Because Malaysia is a Muslim country, most women wear traditional head coverings and/or traditional dress. Prepare to see squatters along the roads. And, if you are a female, dress conservatively. It is always a good idea to be cautious when in a foreign country, especially if you are traveling alone. I wore shorts one time, and got plenty of unwanted attention. Breezy pants or long dresses will help you blend in.

From Malaysia, Indonesia is very close by (and connected to the eastern Malaysian peninsula), or head upwards to Thailand. You can take the train from Malaysia to Thailand, or rent a car.

Enjoy Penang.

As always, all opinions are my own.