Chasing Sunrise — Impressions From Different Places Around The World

Welcome to a world explored.

I’m Stephie Stewart. I started traveling by myself and writing when I was 20, going to places when I could afford it, slowly building a creation of all my impressions of the world so far.

StephieStewartPariaCanyon2020I have been to 22 countries, with many places more to go. While some visits were much longer than others, since I worked and travelled in some countries for a few months, and others were simply shorter trips taken on my own time, it became apparent after a while that there were differences everywhere, yet in each place I went, there were still far more similarities. It was also true that in each place I visited, there was something new to discover, and each place gave a different lasting impression, at the time I was there. Traveling is one of the best ways of exploring new horizons, and of course, one can choose to go as far or as close to home as desired. Each place I went to had something to offer, or ponder, or a scenario to learn from, much like living life itself in a stable place. Traveling is living life in different places, adjusting to and adapting to customs and things one might not experience when at home. In doing so I discovered I had amassed a collection of places and writings, of the impressions of these different places, and had realized that in a small way, I had discovered A World Explored.

These are my impressions of places I’ve been around the world, in a journalist style, written because I wanted to remember a piece of the realm, like taking a photograph. It’s true, the world is still a beautiful place. I look forward to exploring new countries, eventually, and having many more adventures to go, though we are living in times of environmental and pandemic concerns and uncertainty. It is still possible to expand one’s horizons while in one place, both intellectually and physically in the day to day. Wherever you go, the realm of adventure is what awaits, on either the road taken, or not travelled — because imagination can serve as a means of escape in this time, when most all international borders are being closed. One can still dream, and read, for example. Who knows what the future awaits, and where it will take me, although I look forward to it, while enjoying the present while it is here, as best as I can.