California Redwoods

Located in the northern area of California, the California Redwoods are truly majestic and a sight to see. If you have the time, spend a few days in this area, because while a day trip will allow you to see the old-growth forests, the surrounding towns are good spots for booking a pleasant retreat.

When I stayed in the Redwoods (way back in 2007), I had a room in a rustic wooden house in the mountains about an hour or two away from the Redwood forest itself, with a vegetable garden on the premises and an open-air hot tub on the wooden deck. It made for a beautiful few nights spent underneath the stars, which were plentiful and highly visible.

These ancient trees are not to be missed, if you are planning a trip to Northern California. Alternatively, it is worth the few hours drive up from Los Angeles, although you would need to rent a car for the quickest travel.

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