Madison, Wisconsin

If you’re in Madison, Wisconsin, it’s probably not for a touristic trip, but it is quite beautiful if you happen to want to visit this city in the northern United States.

There are two lakes in Madison, which you can drive in between to reach the city from the highway, which is a very nice view. Downtown Madison is walkable, with stately architecture and friendly people. Walk around the University of Madison and see the sights, or simply walk around Madison in general. I like being by the lake, because the views are lovely and the old homes surrounding it are quaint.

I stayed in the Hostel International Hostel Madison, while I was there, and it was very pleasant. It’s like being in a home of your own, with a fireplace and piano and colorfully painted walls. The benefits are that you have a kitchen and it is quite inexpensive. I recommend staying here if you’re a backpacker or simply don’t want to pay for a hotel.


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