Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a beautiful port city on the coast of Ireland, and also a European hub for international flights. If you want a lower-cost flight to Europe and don’t mind stopping in Dublin, you can book directly to Dublin and then choose from another budget airline like Easyjet.com, Vueling.com, or Ryanair.com to get to your desired city.

Plus, Dublin is a great place to visit on its own. The sunsets and sunrises in this northern-hemisphere city are picturesque, and so are its cobble-stone streets and typical European-style architecture. Dublin has a youthful, kind energy about it, which makes it seem more like a small town than a global city. It is easy to walk around most of the city on foot, but you can take a street car or taxi if you need.

Backpacker hostels in Dublin are cheap for a shared dorm room, but you can also book hotels or an Airbnb room if you want a more private room. I stayed in a mixture of these for almost two weeks, and found Dublin to be a very welcoming city.

You can visit a Leprechaun museum, plenty of other museums/tourist attractions, walk around the large and well-tended botanical garden, get a brew at an Irish pub, or simply admire the views. Dublin will not disappoint you.

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