Ojai, California

Ojai, California is a beautiful small town located in between Ventura and Santa Barbara in Southern California. The population is about 8,000-10,000 with a few main streets. It is mostly surrounded by mountains. One cool thing about Ojai is that the mountains are situated in a different orientation than most other mountain ranges, which the locals say gives the town special energies for art and healing.

The location for the US blockbuster film, Easy A, Ojai is mostly a spa-resort town for those wanting to escape the traffic and bustle of the Los Angeles metropolis and surrounding areas.

Some fun things to do in Ojai:

You can take a short 2 mile hike amongst the mountains, lined with orange orchards, and look over the valley in some areas.

Visit the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for some rest and relaxation.

Watch the annual Ojai Tennis Tournament, held in the end of April.

Walk around the quaint streets (Ojai is easy to get around on foot, but renting a car will make getting around elsewhere much easier, for example, if you want to reach the beach from Ojai).

If you visit Ojai, prepare for sunshine and a small-town luxury resort atmosphere. A great day-trip from Los Angeles or surrounding areas, or perfect for a weekend or a few nights before moving onwards.

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