Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is located in the northern part of Germany, and is also one of my favorite German cities because of its ambience and beauty.

Visit Planten und Blomen botanical gardens to walk through miles of gardens and parks, and get away from the city. Jungfernsteig is a place to sit on the steps and watch live performances, talk to people, eat a sandwich, or simply watch the ferries come and go on the Alster.

You won’t need a car in Hamburg, because the metro will take you everywhere you need to go within a short distance. Sometimes it can be confusing, in the beginning, so bringing a map or using an app to navigate will be really helpful.

There are plenty of sandwich shops lining the streets of Hamburg, which I enjoyed eating small sandwiches from nearly every day, but there are finer restaurants as well.

The Museum für Kunst und Geschicte and the Kunsthalle are two of my recommendations for viewing art.

Walking around Hamburg is fun, or you can take a bike, which is safe and easy. There are hostels and hotels in Hamburg, but I stayed in an apartment for a couple months, which made my experience slightly different than a shorter trip.

All opinions are my own.

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