Cataract Falls, Indiana – October 11, 2019

Few things are probably more beautiful in the world than roads that bend through yellow and red-leafed trees, the subtle hint that autumn is in the air, rain that lashes on the windowpane and casts a sheen across the roads, and mists rising over the forests that steam up and make the minutes seem to last forever.

At least, when one travels in rain, throughout the countryside of Indiana.

Indiana is a truly magical place. There’s a lot of history here — often while driving through the forests that still stand alongside the roads, I could envision what it must have been like when the Native Americans were living here with their canoes and their own lifestyle.

Now, I drive along the road, and it’s carpeted with Shells and Mobils and other stores of the modern-day era, but the beauty of the natural world still shines through.

I went to Cataract Falls, in Cloverdale, Indiana, to say goodbye to the past. There’s a future ahead of every day, and who knows where it is going. I’ve been traveling for a while, going here and there, but for a while, I’d like to enjoy being where I am. That kind of past, a light, gentle, goodbye.

I’m sure I’ll be back here, and thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read my posts. The waterfall, and the river, in Cataract, will always be there for those who search it out!

As always, all opinions are my own. Now, time for the photos.

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