7 Fun Things To Do In Indiana

Hi all.

Another list post. That’s good, because I’ve been a little short on time the past month for writing, and yet, here we go! I’ll make it sweet:

  1. Skydiving in Franklin, Indiana

If you love heights, like me, and like safety, with some old-fashioned kindness, try Jerry’s Flying Circus in Franklin, Indiana. You can skydive alone, tandem, or static line. I did the tandem skydive with some very, very, nice people who made sure I had an amazing experience. Link to their website: http://www.explorefreefall.com/

2. Spring Mill Inn in Mitchell, Indiana

Besides being a village-walking-tour of the way farmers and homesteaders lived in the early 1900s in Indiana, Spring Mill Inn is a very beautiful forested state park with a nice inn and gardens. It is like walking around on the western equivalent of a Jane Austen estate. Bring a camera.

3. Indiana Dunes State Park – Porter, Indiana

It is like being in Florida. Except for the water is colder, there is less salt, and more sand dunes.

4. Yellowwood State Park – Nashville, Indiana

There is a lot to do and see in Indiana, but if you visit, make one stop at Yellowwood State Park. There is something special about the forests, especially in the morning, in evening, in spring, and in fall. Even in winter, Yellowwood has an aura and appeal that is difficult to place a single word or encapsulate it with a few sharp edges in an attempt to define it. It has magic in it, like Tolkein’s.

5. Exotic Feline Rescue Center – Ashboro, Indiana

You can walk around and see the tigers, lions, and smaller cats that have been rescued. While it is certainly sad to see what humans have done to these majestic, wild, beautiful creatures that do not belong in cages, it is also a wonderful experience to see them being cared for by people who have rescued them.

6. Bluesprings Cavern – Bedford, Indiana

Go underwater on a boat and see stalactites, stalagmites, and a 5/8s of a mile-long cave that has existed for millions of years, according to the boat tour guide. What a special sight. The only thing needed is a light jacket while you are touring on the boat, as the temperature inside is 53 degrees F all year.

7.  Lake Monroe – Bloomington, Indiana

Paddling on this paradise takes one back to the early 1800s when people didn’t exist around it in such obvious sights. There are few words that can describe this kind of beauty, and beauty, not one of them.

As always, all opinions are my own. Time for the photos!


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