Munich, Germany

Munich, wow, what can I say.

It’s like going back in time to the land of princes. Bavaria is such a royal land, and the people are very proud. You’d have to understand a bit of German history to understand why, but Germany used to be full of small kingdom-states before it was unified into Germany, and Bavaria was the biggest and most powerful of them all. There’s a lot of magic still in Bavaria, where the mountains border Switzerland and Austria.

In Munich, you can see the Alps in the distance to the south, and if you go up St. Peter’s Tower, you can see all of the city stretching out around you. Every day, I tried to visit somewhere new — art museum, neighborhood, famous tourist spot, and so on. I saw the Swan Lake ballet there in the beautiful Opera house, toured the Royal Munich Residence, went to the Neue Pinothek and Alte Pinothek (art museums), BMW Welt, the Olympic Stadium grounds, and walked miles around the town, hopping on the metro and hopping off as I wanted.

The metro was so easy to use that you could get practically anywhere in Munich. I stayed a hostel, Smart Stay Munich, which was cozy and centrally located, clean and quiet. I recommend it to anyone wanting a cheap place again.

Photos of Munich:

Walking around in Munich


The street trains


View of Munich from St. Peter’s Tower


Sunset over Nymphenburg Palace
Swans at twilight in the Englischer Garten
Nymphenburger Palace
Swans from Nymphenburger Palace
Harps in the Munich Residenz
Living room in the Munich Residenz
A hallway in the Munich Residenz
A bed in the Munich Residenz
Inside the Portrait Room in the Munich Residenz
The Antiquarium in the Munich Residenz
A ballroom in the Munich Residenz
A large painting over an ornamental desk in the Munich Residenz
Inside the Munich National Theatre
Outside the Munich National Theatre, standing next to the Munich Residenz
Watching the surfers at Eisbach, in Munich
The Jean-Paul Gaultier collection exhibition in Munich
Marienplatz at night

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