The hidden Quarries from “Breaking Away”

It’s really something that most Hoosiers know about: the popular 1979 film directed by Peter Yates called “Breaking Away” that put Bloomington, Indiana on the map. I even saw the book called “Breaking Away” sitting in a bookstore window in Malta. Imagine that!

Anyway, it’s a well-known secret that those who are familiar with Bloomington, Indiana, home of the Big Ten college Indiana University, should know where the “Breaking Away” quarries are. After all, they are quite famous.

Despite being protected by patrol and by “No Trespassing” signs, it is safe to say that many visitors and their parents have visited these quarries over the years. I have heard rumors that they are quite beautiful. Whether that is true or not, I really cannot divulge any state secrets…

Nevertheless, if you happen to stumble around a quarry that looks like the image below while hiking through the woods south of Bloomington, you will know you have reached the famous “Breaking Away” quarry after which a beer is named, that of “Rooftop,” one of the largest of eight or nine quarries you can locate easily on Google Maps.

It IS in a no-trespassing zone, however, so don’t say you were not warned…

Happy hunting!


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